Clerks 3

Where I watched It: iTunes

English Audio Description?: Yes

Now that Kevin Smith has finally come full circle with clerks 3, and gone full meta by inserting his real life experiences into the film franchise originally sprung from his real life experiences, perhaps he can do something different. I might be the only one, but I’m a fan of Red State. I’d love to see him take a few more risks. in general, I think I used to be a Smith fan, with Dogma being my top, but Clerks 3 is just something that highlights how old and dead and lackluster it is, or has become.

The problem with Clerks is the whole gang is back. Smith got his pals, who basically have zero acting talent to begin with, and brought them back. The problem is that Smith really wants to dig deep about his near death experiences and his leads wouldn’t make it out of an Acting 1 class. The material is way above their head. Previously, they were expected to, well, pretend they are on security camera footage, which led to a sequel that was deeply rooted in raunchy comedy, allowing them to hide much better. Clerks 3 takes a hard right, and this cast cannot handle it.

Even Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith seem somehow ill equipped despite having more on screen experience. Since Rosario Dawson became a major fixture in the Clerks franchise in the sequel, it is now abundantly clear where everyone else is. Dawson is ready for whatever, and they are not.

The audio description is fine. I’m not sure this film was that hard to describe. it clearly is personal for Smith, and very likely the final Clerks film. I hope it isn’t the last Kevin Smith film as I think his talents are far beyond this. The script isn’t terrible, it’s just that his cast can’t act.

Final Grade: C-

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