Le Pupilar

Where I Watched it: Disney Plus

English Audio Description?: Yes

I love how Disney Plus managed an audio description track for their Oscar nominated short narrative, but when The territory was a shortlisted documentary (ultimately not nominated), they didn’t. Apparently, you have to get more than rave reviews. That nomination matters.

I really don’t know what to say about a dramatic narrative short film, as short films have never really been my cup of tea. So, I approached this Oscar entry like it might be an episode in an anthology series about stories told around Christmas. This one happens to have a bit of that Madeline vibe, as it centers around a group of young girls who are in the charge of a Nun. There’s some cake happening, and the characters seem like delightful Italian folk.

I’ve spent 40 minutes of my life in much worse cinematic experiences. The audio description here is done really well, considering this is not originally in the English language, and the voice acting is good enough you wouldn’t really notice. It currently is the only short film in its category that I’ve seen that managed a nomination, so I guess my reaction is that while I didn’t love this film, I also wouldn’t be mad if it won. It’s fine.

Final Grade: B

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