The Too Much TV Roundup: 03/10/23

Here’s a look at the small amount of TV I watched yesterday.

4) National Treasure: Edge Of Hedge (Disney Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Well, this roller coaster, borderline disaster of a series has come to an end. Thank you Jeebus. Disney, it’s OK to cancel this. i give you permission. it’s actually unfair to let this continue to wander about while Big Shot and The mighty Ducks are no more.

Episode Grade: C+, Season 1 Grade: C+

3) The Connors (ABC/Hulu)

English Audio Description?: Yes

What a weird lesson. Mark isn’t passionate about music so he shouldn’t use it to get into college, because he’s keeping another kid, who is less talented, but loves music, away from an opportunity? Dude, I work in this field. you want the person who plays the instrument the best. Even in an educational setting, while i love working with the ones who are perhaps less gifted, shoving them out front also isn’t an option. And plenty of people all over this country use everything from musical talents to sports to get them into college. What the fuck was the point of this Whoopi episode? And, by the way, if that other kid who isn’t as good goes and auditions for programs at four year colleges, they won’t care about his “passion” either, so he’ll never get in, andWhoopi just made it harder for mark. Bizarre.

Episode Grade: B- (The lowest I’ve given this show in a long time, possibly ever(

Addendum: Based on the instrument that mark plays, if he is any good on it “in the show”, he would get into a music program anyway, because that is not a high demand instrument, which is why he picked it. If he was trumpet, some kind of sax, flute, or percussion, I might argue he wouldn’t have a chance, but I’m sure The Connors won’t tackle the conversation where he goes around Whoopi, finds a 4 year school that needs that instrument or has almost no majors on that, and auditions there and gets in and then comes back and rubs it in her face.

2) So Help Me Todd (CBS/Paramount Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

I loved this hacker storyline. i was hoping they’d adopt her and make her a new series regular. But, I guess not.

Episode Grade: A-

1) The Traitors (NBC/Peacock)

English Audio Description?: Yes

I have a feeling. Something bad is about to happen. I’m in the episode that Kate is trying aggressively to be sent home. And Christian and Sri are maybe about to vote for Cody. But, I do remember they swore an oath to not betray each other, so by doing so, I think it might actually get them eliminated. I’m hoping that cliffhanger means Sri has found another option, because she’s my favorite traitor, and i definitely don’t want to see her go first. She’s also the one traitor the group really doesn’t seem to have even considered.

Episode Grade: A

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