Your Place Or mine

Where I Watched It: Netflix

English Audio Description Provided By: International Digital Center

I can line these two up and list the good not great romantic comedies they’ve already been responsible for. They’re the kind of comedies that are charming enough, but somehow don’t reach that top level of romantic comedy where they live forever, like Pretty Woman, arguably always a solid standard. But while Reese Witherspoon can make a good case that she too has classics with Sweet Home Alabama and Legally Blonde, Ashton Kutcher seems to be a bit more populated by likely forgotten titles like Just Married, killers, What Happens in Vegas, and no Strings Attached. Sure, Kutcher seems at home in this genre, but does anyone even remember My Boss’s Daughter?

So, teaming these two up essentially results in one of those mid level romantic comedies that seems fine enough the first time around, but you’re not sure you’ll ever really choose to watch again. In an age of streaming, stumbling on things on cable is also a bit of a pastt time.

Playing two friends who hooked up a long time ago, and realized they’d be better off as friends, Kutcher and Witherspoon navigate being long distance friends over a span of time. Then, the plot needs them to essentially swap homes, and obviously through this, they fall in love.

The audio description here is cute. Nowadays, someone is always texting, so we seem to always need that. Probably the worst thing about this film is what they’ve done to Steve Zahn. Zahn plays Witherspoon’s aggressively quirky wealthy neighbor who is very peace love and harmony and actually lives in her garden. He tends to her garden, while he has some mansion he never goes to, where he pays someone to garden for him. It’s the dumbest plot point we may encounter this year.

But, if you like the leads, you’ll like the film. At least a little bit.

Final Grade: B-

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