Where i Watched It: Paramount Plus

English Audio Description?: No

This is a rewatch for me. I’ve seen Scream many times before when I had sight, so I’m very familiar with this film. I was surprised my mom let me see it back in the day. It was one of my first true entries into horror in a theatre that wasn’t edited for cable. I had the VHS, and I watched it all the time. Of course, back then, it was game changing. Drew Barrymore was on the front and center of the poster, and she dies in the first scene! Wes Craven really found a new and interesting way to jump start the slasher genre, and many have tried to replicate it since.

but, you didn’t come here for a history lesson on Woodsboro. Just know, I’m a big fan. Other than the new film in theatres right now, I’ve seen all the films, and the TV series. hell, i own Scream 1-4 somewhere in my DVD library. I also used to have the Scream 4 poster hanging up. And, yes, I have a Ghostface costume.

It’s a shame that Paramount has staked a claim on this franchise, but feels no need to make the previous films accessible. Despite clearly moving forward with 5,6, and probably 7, anyone blind or visually impaired looking to catch up on where Sydney, Dewey, and Gale got started will be really disappointed. For me, watching this without audio description sucked a little, but I could still recall all the memories i had from seeing this film 15 times already. So, it was like it played in my head. But for anyone not that lucky, or younger than me, audio description is critical.

The kills don’t make sense. You don’t know how people die. The jump scares mean nothing. It’s a horror film without any of the elements that make it that genre. Remember, the killers in this franchise are human. There are no supernatural ghosts jumping out at you. It’s a guy in a costume.

To be clear, since Scream is one of my favorite films of all time, i will be very specific in my grading here.

My Grade: A+

Grade Without Audio Description?: Unwatchable

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