The Too Much TV Roundup- 04/10/23

Started some new shows. One just wasn’t for me, which is weird.

5) Swarm (Amazon)

English Audio Description?: Yes

i just could not get into this show. I was excited for it because of Donald Glover’s involvement, but I think I was expecting it to be like Atlanta, and I never really got that vibe. I didn’t really think it was funny, nor did I really get the plot. I think there are better shows that are similar, but even then, this genre really isn’t my thing. Or maybe it is, and the pilot was just mediocre. I don’t know. This came highly recommended to me, and i was legitimately excited, and it just felt so bland.

Episode Grade: C

4) History Of The World Part 2 (Hulu)

English Audio Description?: Yes

There’s an entire sketch centered around trying to see if Jesus is growing back his foreskin. And, I watched this on Easter. So, i think I’m still processing that. But, I still don’t feel Mel Brooks and his humor in here at all. it just comes across as someone trying to imitate Mel Brooks, and doing a poor job of it.

Episode Grade: C+

3) Saturday Night live (NBC)

English Audio Description?: No

I love Molly Shannon, but other than the opening sketch featuring Trump at Easter, this episode fell mostly flat. sure, a few jokes landed throughout the episode, but even Molly’s returning characters did nothing for me. I kept waiting for her to shout “I’m Fifty!” In that old Sally voice, but she didn’t quite have that same energy in her. It was oddly disappointing.

Episode Grade: B-

2) Outlast (netflix)

English Audio Description?: Yes

This Netflix original takes 16 people who probably a lot of conclusions can be drawn, who are dropped in the Alaskan wilderness and told to not die. There really are no rules to this game, except that no one can function as a lone wolf. You must be a part of a team to win the million dollar prize. And, no one is voted off. The only way people leave is by shooting a flare to signal that you quit. And, that does happen in the first episode. It’s pretty obvious who that will be when they make a rookie mistake. No idea how they get from 16 to 2, but this show might be interesting. It is very well narrated by someone that sounds like a robot, which is funny because the actual audio description narrator that comes in only a few times when they are able, sounds way better than the actual narrator for the show.

Episode Grade: B

1) Dear Edward (Apple plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

in a no contest victory, this Apple Plus show easily was the best thing I saw. Edward falling for his brother’s girlfriend though? There’s no way that ends well. Meanwhile, of the supporting cast, Steve had an impactful moment when he realized the last time he saw his brother didn’t go well at all. And, Didi survived what would have been her 25th anniversary. But, Shea’s dad is really hard to read as a character we know nothing about, who just pops in and out, and the decision John makes at the end of the episode felt unearned.

Episode Grade: A-

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