Moon Age Daydream

Where I Watched it: HBo MAX

English Audio Description?: Yes

I’m not really a David Bowie fan. I’m also not anti-Bowie either. But, I think this experience is best suited for people who want to be submerged in the glory of Ziggy Stardust in all his illustrious glory. Casual fans will not get the same experience.

Honestly, neither will members of the Blind and Visually Impaired communities. The film is almost like a photo diary, capturing Bowie as he was, through his own comments, and through his music and performances. often these come in the form of montages, which are next to impossible to describe when the images are flying by. So, we get a generalized statement letting us know that images flash by without really knowing what those are, and therefore, we lack the ability to be immersed.

It’s not really a talking head documentary where thirty people offer their thoughts on how Bowie changed music forever. What you do get is a ton of music by David Bowie. So, depending on how you feel about that, should help you decide if navigating this documentary with audio description that has the best of intentions, but largely isn’t impactful, is for you.

For me, like I said, I’m just not a Bowie fan.

Final Grade: C

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