Where I Watched It: Netflix Audio description Provided By: Post Haste Digital Written By William McDonaugh Narrated By: Kaitlyn Elizabeth You are going to read a lot of viewpoints out there on the internet from a dozen sources about Blonde. It will be remembered as one of the most divisive film of the year. My review might contain some spoilers, but only to refer to specific content within the film. Since Blonde was released, until my writing of this review, I’ve marinated a lot. I’ve seen reactions, and most of them have been incredibly negative, but everyone has a point. … Continue reading Blonde

The Gray Man

Where I Watched It: Netflix English Audio Description Available?: Yes Narration Written By: Dakota Green Narrated By: Bill Larson What happens when Netflix throws 200 million at a film? Never anything good. Seriously, please stop giving directors carte Blanche to overspend on crappy big budget star vehicles with little to no purpose. I like The Russo Brothers. I think what they managed to do with The Avengers is nothing short of extraordinary. But, when given the opportunity to go with a mostly original concept, they just churned out something so dull and familiar the only reason it stands out is … Continue reading The Gray Man

No Time To Die

Starring: Daniel Craig, Lea Seydoux, Rami Malek, Jeffrey Wright, Ana de Armas, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Whishaw, Lashana Lynch, Naomie Harris, Rory Kinnear, Billy Magnussen, and Christoph Waltz. Directed By: Cary Jogo Fukunaga Where I Watched it: Amazon English Audio Description Available?: Yes Description Provided By: Deluxe Narrated By: Jedidiah Barton The plot: Bond (Craig) has retired following the events of Spectre, but just when you think you’re out they pull you back in. He even has a new squeeze (Seydoux), and this guy (Malek) has to ruin his peace by being another megalomaniac with some delusions of grandeur that involve … Continue reading No Time To Die

Deep Water

Starring: Ben Affleck, Ana de Armas, Tracy Letts, Kristen Connelly, Lil Rel Howrey, Dash Mihok, Finn Wittrock, and Rachel Blanchard. Directed By: Adrian Lyne Where I Watched It: Hulu English Audio Description Available?: Yes The Plot: Vic (Affleck) is a wealthy man, who retired early after inventing a chip that made him a ton of money, and married a real firecracker (de Armas), with whom he also produced a daughter. But of course, this is an Adrian Lyne film, so the sexy angle here is that he lets his wife sleep around with other guys… or does he? What Works: … Continue reading Deep Water