Where i Watched it: Apple Plus

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Narrated By Chelsea Kay

This is the kind of boring derivative romantic comedy that gets shoved to streaming services nowadays. if there’s one thing that streaming has done, it’s murder the romcom genre. It’s so rare that one ever gets to go to theatres anymore, and if that one fails, it’s just used as more file to send the next ten to streaming.

Just look at this year. Films starring Jennifer Lopez and josh Duhmael and Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon have all gone to streaming. Meanwhile, horror is still hitting the big screen, because one decent weekend is all it needs. But it’s not really about that. Films released to theatres, even those pesky day and date titles, have a wider platform. It’s like the audience knows the studio had faith.

But I can’t argue with burying this film. It stars two of the next generation of stars, the ones that are supposed to inherit the box office from the likes of Tom Cruise and Julia Roberts. But, even after all his Captain America time, and Ana de Armas’s Oscar nomination, this is something you know you’ve seen a version of before. Usually, the spy is a guy, and the girl is along for the ride, like in Tom Cruise’s Knight and day. Here, Ana is the spy, and she’s trying to keep a guy she went out with one time alive.

I disliked most of the film. I was surprised by Adrien Brody in this film, but really only because he was playing so hard against type. The best part of this film are the cameos. Evans can be thanked for at least a few of them, but they are the best part of the film. When someone recognizable pops up for a second, it’s probably what I’m talking about. If you miss the voices, check IMDB later. I don’t want to spoil them in advance.

But, Evans and Armas have very little chemistry. Both are fun people, like how the other romantic comedies this year cast people who have screen presence, but that chemistry between them is what makes a great duo. It’s why some people love seeing the same two people in movie after movie. The Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan effect. If lightning can strike once, maybe it can strike twice, or three times.

I can’t imagine anyone would want these two back together again.

Oddly enough, since I’ve had a minute to think on this movie, I think the one thing i would have wanted would be the actors names in the audio description doing the cameo. If we were in the theatre with 100 sighted people, every cameo would get an instant reaction, but if we’re home alone, or with other blind friends, there’s really nothing to go off of unless you use IMDB or recognize voices.

But, even with those cameos, I can’t say I enjoyed Ghosted enough to recommend it. So, perhaps that is a moot point. It may want my attention, but I’d rather pretend like it doesn’t exist.

Final Grade: C-

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