Life In Pieces- Pilot

Starring: Dianne Wiest, James Brolin, Colin Hanks, Thomas Sadoski, Zoe Lister Jones, Betsy Brandt, Dan Bakkedahl, Jordan Peele

A talented, likeable cast can’t save Life In Pieces, which suffers from poor writing, unfunny scenarios, and predictable setups. CBS is clearly inspired by Modern Family, but has no idea what makes Modern Family work.

The parents are wacky (Wiest, Brolin), and I’d watch a better show just with the two of them in it. Dianne Wiest is just such an amazing actress that it really hurts me that Life In Pieces isn’t any better. James Brolin is cute, in a funny old guy way.

Colin Hanks is dramatically underused, and his characters big “joke” is that he and his wife just had a baby and her vagina is now destroyed. Ha ha.

Dane Bakkedahl and Betsy Brandt play parents to three children, one of which is about to go off to college. Any joke you could imagine happen in this scenario does. Mom packed a sandwich, wipes something off her sons face that isn’t there, embarrasses him, and laments not having a “baby” in the household. Dad is too frank about sex with the son. Son goes to college party. It’s all just so predictable.

The last couple, Thomas Sadoski and Zoe Lister Jones are in the dating phase. He lives at home. She lives with her ex-fiancee (Jordan Peele). They can’t have sex at her place, or his place, so they try a car. Obviously. And the obviously get caught by cops.

Literally the only reason this show made it to series had to be the cast. The pilot is so incredibly weak. If this didn’t have Big Bang Theory as a lead in, it would be gone in a matter of weeks. It’s not Modern Family. Hell, it’s not even The Goldbergs.

Disappointing. This cast deserves so much better.


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