For Your Consideration: Best Supporting Actor In A Drama

For Best Supporting Actor, at the front of the race is Peter Dinklage who is always in front for Game Of Thrones. Also leading is Jonathan Banks who used to lead for Breaking Bad, but is now on Better Call Saul. Beyond him, Mandy Patinkin is looking strong for Homeland. You could go safe and say the last two spots are Jim Carter for Downton Abbey and Jon Voight for Ray Donovan, but not a lot of people watch Donovan, and Downton’s popularity has slid a bit. Michael Kelly could break into the category for House Of Cards, or finally Matt Czuchry for The Good Wife. Anyone whose seen Ben Mendelsohn in Bloodline probably voted for him. Sam Elliot made a strong case for himself in Justified, as did Walton Goggins and I would never count out John Slattery for Mad Men.

Beyond them are some long-shots that deserve mentioning. Michael McKean for Better Call Saul, Kit Harrington for Game Of Thrones, Norman Reedus for The Walking Dead, and Christopher Eccleston for The Leftovers. Each one impactful, but the race is too strong. I’d even like to see Joe Morton for Scandal and Joshua Jackson for The Affair more in the running, but the race is so tight.

Also, in a different year, we might be talking about Theo Rossi or Jimmy Smits for Sons Of Anarchy, Jeff Perry for Scandal, Rick Hoffman for Suits, Vincent D’Onofrio for Daredevil, Noah Emmerich and Frank Langellafor The Americans, Donal Logue and the amazing Robin Lord Taylor for Gotham, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau for Game Of Thrones, Tyler James Williams and Michael Cudlitz for The Walking Dead, and Jussie Smollett for Empire.

I’d nominate (and you’d think I was crazy), Robin Lord Taylor (who was the breakout supporting actor of the year in Gotham), Michael Kelly (who stands his own constantly in House Of Cards), Norman Reedus (who has turned a character that wasn’t even in the comics to the most beloved character in the series), Kit Harrington (who turned the rather boring Jon Snow into a beloved character… just in time for the season finale), and Joshua Jackson (who thought the Dawson’s Creek star had that in him?). Even with only five votes, I’m leaving a lot off.

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