Box Office Predictions- May 24th-26th

Memorial Day weekend is upon us, and Hollywood is trying to attack you with two brand new sequels to some high-profile franchises, as well as a kids cartoon that could do really well with a complete lack of competition.

1) Fast and Furious 6- 87M Weekend, 87M total

Fast Five opened a few years back, in April, and managed about the same box office. However, Fast Five didn’t open the same weekend as a Hangover sequel, and the second weekend of Star Trek. Granted, the buzz for Fast and Furious 6 is incredibly high (it even has a positive score on Rotten Tomatoes), so there’s no doubt it’ll win the weekend. It’ll even likely break 100M on Memorial Day.  Fast Five went on to gross 209M at the box office, a feat that seems likely to be beaten by Fast 6, as it will have a Memorial Day boost. Opening in over 3,600 screens, Fast 6 is the movie to beat this weekend.

2) Hangover 3- 64M Weekend, 80M total

The Hangover 3 is attempting to get the jump on Fast and Furious 6 by opening on Thursday. That, plus some midnights, should put its total within striking distance. However, Hangover 2 wasn’t as well liked as the first one, whereas Fast Five was the highest grossing sequel in the franchise. Fast and Furious 6 is building, whereas Hangover 3 is shrinking. Plus, Hangover 3 carries an R rating, making it harder to do boffo business. Opening in around 3,450 theatres, Hangover 3 is going to have to settle for second place leading into Memorial Day.

3) Star Trek: Into Darkness- 32M Weekend, 137M Total

After opening below expectations last week, Star Trek is now facing two sequels that are pulling from the same male audience. A drop of around 58%, even with solid word of mouth, is likely.

4) Epic- 27M Weekend, 27M Total

The word about Epic hasn’t been astounding, but it also has the benefit of being the only kids movie in the marketplace. This may feel like a retread for anyone who is a fan of Ferngully, and trailers have made it into more of an animated adventure, instead of an animated comedy. It’s not a sequel, nor is it a Pixar movie, so it has to stand on its own. With no real competition, Epic should do OK with 27M over the weekend, and a really solid Memorial Day gross.

5) Iron Man 3- 16M Weekend, 365M Total

Heading into its fourth weekend, Iron Man 3 will face a lot of direct competition now, from Star Trek, Hangover 3, and Fast 6. Another drop of more than 50% is likely.

6) The Great Gatsby- 12M Weekend, 110M Total

Facing less direct competition is Great Gatsby. Because of that, it likely won’t drop over 50%, and will stay with its head above 10M.

The Rest Of The Top 10:

7) Pain and Gain- 2M Weekend, 50M Total

8) The Croods- 2M Weekend, 180M Total

9) 42- 1.5M Weekend, 91M Total

10) Mud- 1.5M Weekend- 13M Total

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