My Emmy Dream Picks: Best Actor In A Comedy Series

Here are my (albeit unconventional) picks for Best Actor in a Comedy for the upcoming Emmy awards. This isn’t who I think will be nominated, but rather who I would be nominating (my wish list).

Joel McHale (Community)

Don’t you think it’s about time that Joel McHale be recognized for being the centerpiece of a terrific ensemble and one of the funniest shows on TV? I do.

Matthew Perry (Go On)

I realize this is not happening. I’ve come to terms with this. But, what better way to let NBC know they made a mistake in cancelling this show (which had a ton of promise) than by nominating their lead actor? I mean, who ELSE are you going to nominate? Jon Cryer for the umpteenth time?

Louis CK (Louie)

I’m all for the underdog, obviously, which is why I support nominating Louis CK for the show that just managed to make the WGA list for Top 101 Best Written Shows Of All Time. Congrats Louie!

Jake Johnson (The New Girl)

I feel like his character really carries the show… even though the argument is that Zooey Deschanel does, but really Jake’s portrayal of Nick is the heart of the show, and he’s hilarious while anchoring.

Johnny Galecki or Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory)

It’s hard to separate these two, but I feel like they end up vote splitting. Maybe they could take turns each year in submitting themselves. I think maybe it is Galecki’s turn this year, but I would also appreciate a Parsons nomination. They’re both tremendous, even this late in the series.

Who would you pick? Comment!!!

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