Box Office Predictions: Can ‘Mr Peabody’ Defeat An Army Of ‘300’?

1) Mr Peabody and Sherman- 40M Weekend, 40M Total

Animated films in March typically do really well (Mars Needs Moms being an exception). The Lorax opened to 70.2M, Ice Age: The Meltdown made 68M, Monsters Vs Aliens made 59.3, Horton Hears A Who landed 45M, How To Train Your Dragon got 43.7M, The Croods did 43.6M last year, and Rango managed 38M. The LEGO Movie has been doing really well, but has had competition only from Frozen. I’m betting there’s enough distance between The Lego Movie’s first weekend and now that Mr Peabody and Sherman should be able to do well.

2) 300: Rise Of An Empire- 35M Weekend, 35M Total

300 opened to 70M a long time ago, so you would think that a sequel would do similar business. Except, 300 had a clear defined ending… where everyone, including film star Gerard Butler, died. So no one was expecting a sequel. 300: Rise Of An Empire should well this weekend, but Eva Green is not Gerard Butler. Also, not solid reviews.

3) Non Stop- 16M Weekend, 53M Total

Non Stop won last weekend, but with 300 entering the marketplace, it’ll be facing a lot of direct competition. A not-quite-drop of near 50% should bring it to around 16M for the weekend.

4) Son Of God- 14M Weekend, 46M Total

Son Of God should see a similar drop.

5) The Lego Movie- 12M Weekend, 227M Total

Facing direct competition from Mr Peabody and Sherman, The Lego Movie will have a slightly larger drop this weekend.

6) The Monuments Men- 3M Weekend, 70M Total

7) 3 Days To Kill- 3M Weekend, 25M Total

8) Frozen- 2.5M Weekend, 392M Total

9) Robocop- 2.5M Weekend, 55M Total

10) Ride Along- 2M Weekend, 130M Total






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