Friday Box Office: ‘Heaven’ Rises, Depp Falls

1) Captain America 2- 26M Weekend, 200M Total

2) Rio 2- 24M Weekend, 77M Total

3) Heaven Is For Real- 19.5M Weekend, 26.5M Total

4) Transcendence- 12.5M Weekend, 12.5M Total

5) A Haunted Hosue 2- 9.5M Weekend, 9.5M Total

6) Draft Day- 6.5M Weekend, 20M Total

7) Divergent- 6M Weekend, 134M Total

8) Oculus- 5.5M Weekend, 21.5M Total

9) Bears- 5.5M Weekend, 5.5M Total

10) God’s Not Dead- 4.5M Weekend, 48M Total

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