Which Bubble Shows Will Make It?


Technically, ABC still needs to renew a bunch of sure things, like Grey’s Anatomy, The Bachelor, Castle, and Modern Family. Just because ABC hasn’t issued any renewals yet doesn’t mean that certain shows are a lock for next season.

On the comedy side, things are actually looking pretty good for The Goldbergs. It joins Modern Family and The Middle as safe bets for renewal next season. The other comedies are up in the air. Mixology is pretty much dead. Super Fun Night is trying to pitch a reboot next season, but I can’t see ABC sticking with it even if they dropped the dead weight from the cast (anyone who isn’t Rebel Wilson). There’s a slight chance that The Neighbors will receive a third season. Critics are actually enjoying the show, which thrived creatively in its second season, and the show is produced in-house. For the first time, Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing is on the fence. I can’t see ABC axing Last Man, and I can’t see them renewing both Neighbors and Last Man. That leaves Trophy Wife and Suburgatory. After trying to cut costs on Suburgatory, the ratings dropped even more. I think ABC will let Suburgatory go this season, and will give Trophy Wife a second season.

On the drama side, Agents Of SHIELD is definitely coming back. Even if the ratings aren’t great, the show has had a creative resurgence coming out of the tie in with Captain America 2. Also, ABC is working on an Agent Carter series, so it’s not going anywhere. Nashville was a bubble series last time, and is kind of still a bubble series, but oddly more safe this year. It’s really on brand for ABC, and it does well with DVR ratings. Plus, there’s a small tour this summer… which would be odd to do if you thought you were about to be cancelled. Revenge is now a bubble series, but even with declining ratings, I can’t see ABC bringing back the show for at least 13 episodes to give it closure. This is not the type of show that you just cancel without a proper finale,and ABC would lose a lot of fan goodwill just dropping the axe unannounced. Resurrection is a huge question mark right now. It opened big, got a lot of people talking, and then cooled off. It’s basically ABC’s version of Revolution. ABC might try to bring it back and get people excited again. Scandal didn’t explode until its second season, so anything can happen.


CBS has already renewed most of its series, leaving very few spots open for new shows, or for any more renewals. It will be very painful, but CBS is going to axe The Crazy Ones. Friends With Better Lives could be doing better, and if it loses any more viewers, it’ll get the axe too. I think CBS will cancel both Intelligence and Hostages. I think CBS might give one more season to The Mentalist. So, one bubble show might see the light. Also, technically Bad Teacher still has a shot.


FOX is in this weird thing where they abandoned the traditional model, so they pick up series on their own cycle. Still, a few series are sitting on the bench right now. Almost Human, for me, is the hardest to predict show. The ratings were really good enough to warrant a renewal, even though they weren’t amazing. On the flip side, you would think they’d have already renewed it by now, since it has been off the air for a few months now. They’re cooling it down a bit. Dads and Enlisted will both get axed, even though Enlisted has a devoted fanbase. Rake is dead. American Idol will come back, probably with a lot of changes. Surviving Jack will probably get another season.


NBC has a lot to think about. About A Boy has been a bright spot on the comedy side, and should get a second season because of it. Growing Up Fisher has OK ratings, but is surprisingly not buzzy… at all. I’m predicting NBC will opt out for a second season. Community is perpetually a bubble show, but thrived creatively with Dan Harmon returning. NBC could opt for another half-season for Community, as it is a good hole plugger. NBC is definitely going to abandon the Sunday night combo of Believe and Crisis. With Constantine a lock for next season, to pair with Grimm presumably, that means NBC definitely doesn’t need both Hannibal and Dracula. If one gets renewed, it’ll be Hannibal. If Revolution gets renewed (I’m thinking it won’t), it’ll get a half season renewal. The show just doesn’t work as a 22-episode show.


The 100 is probably going to get another season. The ratings warrant it. The rest of The CW’s shows could be put into a hat and tossed around. I think The CW is going to pick up Hart Of Dixie for at least 13 episodes, but it will let Beauty and the Beast and The Carrie Diaries. Of first season remainders, Star Crossed has a little bit better of a shot because it didn’t have the full season that Tomorrow People had to find an audience. Tomorrow People’s ratings are so bad, I can’t see even The CW renewing it.

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