Weekend Estimates: ‘Transcendence’ bombs, ‘Heaven’ is a hit

1) Captain America 2- 26.5M Weekend, 200M Total

The Captain will continue his impressive run at the box office, at least until another superhero comes swinging in to stop him in about two weeks.

2) Rio 2- 22.5M Weekend, 75.3M Total

While it couldn’t rise to first place, Rio 2 did only dip a respectable 43%.

3) Heaven Is For Real- 22M Weekend, 29.3M Total

I had a feeling that Heaven would surprise, but it beat even my expectations. Faith based movies have really done exceptional box office this year (Son of God, God’s Not Dead, Noah). I can see more studios trying to figure out how to tap into the Christian marketplace in the future.

4) Transcendence- 11M Weekend, 11M Total

Not only did it not open in 1st, or above 20M, it opened to 11M and 4th place. Embarrassing. A C+ cinemascore doesn’t bode well for the long term either.

5) A Haunted House 2- 8.8M Weekend, 8.8M Total

Technically, the film only cost 4M to make, so it might eventually break even. I can’t imagine them moving forward with a 3rd installment, however. 8.8M is not enough to get excited about a sequel.

6) Divergent- 5.9M Weekend, 134.1M Total

7) Draft Day- 5.8M Weekend, 19.5M Total

8) Oculus- 5.2M Weekend, 21.1M Total

9) God’s Not Dead- 4.8M Weekend, 48.3M Total

10) Bears- 4.8M Weekend, 4.8M Total

11) Noah- 4.8M Weekend, 93M Total

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