Weekend Box Office: ‘Captain’ vs ‘The Other Woman’

1) The Other Woman- 18M Weekend, 18M Total

While not a certified blockbuster, The Other Woman has been tracking well with test audiences and women. Honestly, they’ve been underserved since Valentine’s Day, and Cameron Diaz’s comedy will likely reap the benefits of that. I don’t think it’ll have a huge weekend, but a strong weekend and a first place finish.

2) Captain America 2- 15M Weekend, 224M Total

A week before Spidey swings in, the Captain will continue to make a nice box office impact.

3) Heaven Is For Real- 14M Weekend, 52M Total

I have no reason to believe this feel-good film will drop 50% in week 2, so a more likely drop of 40% will hit around 14M. It might even do better and pull ahead of Captain America…

4) Rio 2- 13M Weekend, 96M Total

Again, I don’t see Rio 2 dropping 50%… so 13M for the weekend, and striking distance of 100M.

5) Brick Mansions- 9M Weekend, 9M Total

Lets be honest, this movie looks awful, and the only reason it is getting a wide theatrical release is because of Paul Walker, who was never a massive box office star outside of the Fast and Furious franchise. 9M isn’t bad for a film that looks like it should have gone straight to video. People will show up to pay tribute to the late actor, just not a lot of them.

6) The Quiet Ones- 5M Weekend, 5M Total

I don’t expect this film to make much of an impact. Oculus didn’t do well, and it had good reviews, so The Quiet Ones will flop with poor reviews.

7) A Haunted House 2- 4M Weekend, 15M Total

8) Transcendence- 4M Weekend, 18M Total

A Haunted House 2 will drop a little over half, but Transcendence is likely to fall 60-65% in week 2. Both films are a disappointment.

9) Divergent- 4M Weekend, 140M Total

Divergent dipped only 24% last weekend, so another small dip should keep it in the top 10.

10) Draft Day- 3.5M Weekend, 25M Total

11) God’s Not Dead- 3.5M Weekend, 53M Total

Draft Day and God’s Not Dead should have a neck and neck fight to round out the Top 10.


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