Weekend Box Office: Cameron Diaz KO’s Captain America

1) The Other Woman- 24.7M Weekend, 24.7M Total

2) Captain America 2- 16.0M Weekend, 224.8M Total

3) Heaven Is For Real- 13.8M Weekend, 51.9M Total

4) Rio 2- 13.6M Weekend, 96.1M Total

5) Brick Mansions- 9.6M Weekend, 9.6M Total

6) Transcendence- 4.1M Weekend, 18.4M Total

7) The Quiet Ones- 4M Weekend, 4M Total

8) Bears- 3.6M Weekend, 11.1M Total

9) Divergent- 3.6M Weekend, 139.4M Total

10) A Haunted House 2- 3.2M Weekend, 14.2M Total

To put this into perspective, Transcendence cost 100M to make. Currently, the worldwide gross is at 51M. It is unlikely Transcendence will pass 100M, even with foreign grosses accounted for. However, The Other Woman has already recouped its 40M budget, and is on its way to recouping the advertising portion (which it should have recouped by next weekend). More movies with strong female leads in the future? Possibly…

Also, Captain America 2 now stands at a worldwide total of 645M. Heaven Is For Real is a massive hit, costing only 12M to make. Rio 2 might be slowly climbing the domestic box office, but the worldwide cume is at 343.9M. Enough for a Rio 3? Divergent’s worldwide is nowhere near Hunger Games or Twilight, but 232M isn’t bad either. Noah, meanwhile, has 319M worldwide. Mr Peabody and Sherman didn’t do too bad with 260.7M worldwide (still on the low end for Dreamworks).

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