Movie Review: Maximum Overdrive

Starring: Emilio Estevez, Pat Hingle, Yeardley Smith, Frankie Faison, Leon Rippy, Giancarlo Esposito

Directed By: Stephen King

Yes, this is the cheesy 1986 horror film about trucks trying to kill people. I remember watching this as a kid, as some late-night edited offering on USA. It’s not that gory of a film to begin with, and aside from some language, is almost at a PG-13 nowadays. I was looking for something to watch while the networks were cancelling their shows today, and this trashy horror flick was just what I needed.

Yes, it’s awful. But it’s awful in a campy fun way, like Snakes On A Plane, or Sharknado. I mean, it’s a bunch of trucks… and they’re possessed and trying to kill people who are holding up in a diner. Also, other appliances are attacking people too. And Emilio Estevez at his cheesiest, bringing pure 80’s gold to the table.

You can laugh as the truck stop unveils an unending supply of rocket launchers from the basement. You can cry (with laughter) as people fail to escape the path of a truck moving 10MPH.

If I was incapable of enjoying cheesy horror movies, then I’d just straight up fail this movie. But the 5.3 average score on IMDB leads me to believe that many, like me, don’t fail this movie because it is oddly entertaining. And it is now on Netflix! So, what are you doing reading this review? Go watch it!

Besides, it’s the only thing EVER that was directed by Stephen King.




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