Movie Review: The Other Woman

Starring: Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Taylor Kinney, Don Johnson, Nicki Minaj

Directed By: Nick Cassavettes

It’s like First Wives Club, but for a new generation. One that is oddly OK with hanging out with people who have screwed your husband. It’s definitely not as funny as First Wives Club, but it has its moments. It’s also not nearly as funny as Bridesmaids. Nowhere near.

Leslie Mann plays a woman whose husband (Coster Waldau) is cheating on her. First, with Cameron Diaz’s character, and later with Kate Upton’s character. Diaz was lied to, and did not know he was married. Upton was told they were in the middle of a divorce. Taylor Kinney plays Mann’s brother, who immediately has chemistry with Diaz. Johnson is Diaz’s father, who immediately has chemistry with Upton. Minaj is Diaz’s assistant, who has chemistry with no one.

There’s a really poorly directed scene where Coster-Waldau picks up Diaz for lunch, tells her he can’t make it, and drops her off in front of the restaurant. They barely travel a block. In New York City. I’m sure Cameron’s character is used to walking more than that.

Also, as much as Cameron Diaz would like to pass the torch to Kate Upton, she’s not nearly as funny as Diaz was in The Mask. Diaz, while much older now, still carries the film. Mann does a pretty good job too, and it really is the two ladies. Upton has a few good lines, as the film plays her as an idiot. Taylor Kinney is really charismatic, but the film definitely under utilizes him. He’s basically just eye candy in this.

I was expecting more comedy. The film doesn’t start the “revenge” plot until half of the movie is over. The first half of the movie is questionably a “dramedy”, not really funny, not really serious… unless you find vomit and dog poop jokes to be funny. Granted, I’m a guy… but I enjoy chick flicks. Especially First Wives Club, and this is no First Wives Club.


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