Weekend Box Office: Seth Rogen Beat ‘Spider-Man’

1) Neighbors- 51.0M Weekend, 51.0M Total

Seth Rogen’s Neighbors beat Spider-Man… by a lot this weekend. Neighbors is now the 11th highest opening R rated film of all time, beating the first Hangover by 7M. With Godzilla and Million Dollar Arm not really being in direct competition with Neighbors, the frat pic should see a pretty decent gross next weekend as well.

2) The Amazing Spider-Man 2- 37.2M Weekend, 147.9M Total

Spidey is slowing down. That’s a 59% drop from last weekend, and Neighbors was targeting the comedy audience. Spider-Man faces more direct competition from Godzilla next weekend, and should drop over 50% again.

3) The Other Woman- 9.2M Weekend, 61.7M Total

Cameron Diaz’s hit comedy keeps chugging along, dipping 35% in week 3. Women are loving the film. It’s the new First Wives Club!

4) Heaven Is For Real- 7M Weekend, 75.2M Total

A dip of just 18%. Wow.

5) Captain America 2- 5.6M Weekend, 244.9M Total

The Captain slowed his freefall, dropping only 27% this week.

6) Rio 2- 5.1M Weekend, 113.1M Total

Will there be a Rio 3? With a worldwide gross (so far) of 422M, the film is 62M shy of Rio 1’s gross internationally, and 30M short of the gross domestically. Even if it left theatres now, that’s not a huge dip, but it’s definitely enough of one to make Rio 3 not a sure thing.

7) Moms’ Night Out- 4.2M Weekend, 4.2M Total

The Sarah Drew faith based comedy landed a PSA of 4,023, which is not a huge PSA by any means. However, it is the 3rd highest PSA in the Top 10. The film had a reported budget of 5M.

8) Legends Of Oz- 3.7M Weekend, 3.7M Total

Bomb. Its PSA was worse than The Grand Budapest Hotel, which placed outside of the Top 10 this week, and less than 100 dollars better than Divergent, which has been in theatres since March. Audiences clearly weren’t interested.

9) Divergent- 1.7M Weekend, 145.0M Total

10) Brick Mansions- 1.4M Weekend, 18.3M Total

??) Belle- 473K Weekend, 0.6M Total (10,511PSA)

??) Chef- 204K Weekend, 0.2M Total (34,000 PSA)

??) Palo Alto- 80K Weekend, 0.08M Total (20,150 PSA)

??) God’s Pocket- 23K Weekend, 0.02M Total (7,800 PSA)




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