American Idol 14 Spoiler Reactions

One of the other sites I write for ( has leaked some spoiler information about the upcoming American Idol season, and which returnees have heard “no thank you” from the producers. I’m only going to touch on a few names here, so if you want the whole thing you’ll have to check out the whole post at MJ’s. By the way… this post contains spoilers. Duh.

Savion Wright- Yes To Hollywood

I’m not surprised they brought Savion back. A lot of people felt bad for him getting cut, and it makes for good TV. He wasn’t an astounding talent, but his brother was murdered during the audition process which can be hard for anyone to have to go through. I’m glad he’s coming back, hopefully stronger.

Marrielle Sellars- Cut

Not surprised they cut her. She was so heavily pimped last season that returning her for another season is pointless. Her audition was shown TWICE, and she still didn’t make the Top 13. Nobody wanted to hear her roar.

Schyler Dixon- Cut

Stop auditioning. You’ve been cut way too many times. Have some self respect.

Casey Thrasher- Yes To Hollywood

I think this is pointless, as he’s a very mediocre talent, and he got a ton of pimping. HOWEVER, America technically didn’t get to vote on him, as he was one of the singers who made Top 30, but didn’t get to sing. Maybe America was dying to vote for him? If so, can we please get Kenzie Hall back too? Thanks.

Emmanuel Zidor- Cut

Not shocking. Joke contestants never get to repeat. The sad thing is that Emmanuel didn’t realize no one took him seriously, and he auditioned AGAIN for Season 14, and got cut a second time.

Briston Maroney- Cut

Damn. I liked this kids sound. If Idol is looking for something different, he was it. I was in a very small fanbase for him, but I was really hoping they’d let him come back.
There are some other contestants who got cut, or put through, and I was pretty indifferent either way. There are some that are unknown, and I’d love to see them reaudition and make it, but until their names pop up, it’s just speculation.



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