ABC’s Tuesday Night Disappoints, CBS and NBC do OK

Selfie premiered on Tuesday to a disappointing 4.9M and 1.4 in the demo. Following that was Manhattan Love Story with an even more disappointing 4.3M and a 1.3 in the demo. This poor performance affected the whole night, as Agents Of Shield hit an all time low at 4.5M and a 1.7 in the demo, followed by Forever at 5.6M and 1.3 in the demo. I wouldn’t count out Forever just yet. It is currently the most watched show on the night for ABC, and it is in a historically tough timeslot. With Shield doing so poorly, ABC can’t blame Forever too much.

NCIS continued to be a beast with 18.6M and 2.6 in the demo, followed by new spinoff NCIS New Orleans which is still strong at 16.4M and 2.3 in the demo. Person Of Interest moved up a bit to 10.8M and 1.8 in the demo.

NBC is doing OK with The Voice at 13.5M and 4.0 in the demo, followed by Chicago Fire at 9M and 2.4 in the demo.

FOX is hurting. Utopia continues to suck with only 2M viewers and a 0.8 in the demo, and the comedies are down too. The New Girl is only pulling in 2.4M and 1.2 in the demo, and The Mindy Project has 2.3M and 1.1 in the demo.

Selfie and Manhattan Love Story are headed for cancellation. I’m surprised Utopia is still on air. NCIS NO will get a full season (and more seasons after). Forever might get a full season, even with those ratings. It’s a tough call. I’d be worried about Agents Of Shield having a third season, as well as both The New Girl and The Mindy Project going forward (if they don’t get a better lead in SOON).

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