Friday Box Office: ‘Ouija’ Set To Win Weekend

Ouija opened strong like most movies of this genre do, but will see significant drop offs on Saturday and Sunday. A C cinemascore definitely is not going to help the audience find the film. Teens are known for their Friday night attendance, and not Saturday or Sunday, so Ouija may be in trouble in the long run. John Wick also only has a B cinemascore, despite strong reviews, so it’s not going to explode this weekend either. The big winner is St Vincent, which got an A- from audiences, and could have strong word of mouth this weekend, and do well on Saturday and Sunday when more adults are likely to watch the film. In limited release, Birdman is still going strong, and is expected to do a 26K per screen average for the weekend in 50 screens. No word on how Dear White People is doing in its expansion.

1) Ouija- 8.2M Friday, 19M Weekend

2) John Wick- 5.4M Friday, 15M Weekend

3) Fury- 4M Friday, 13.5M Weekend

4) Gone Girl- 3.4M Friday, 11M Weekend

5) Book Of Life- 2.4M Friday, 10M Weekend

6) St Vincent- 2.5M Friday, 7.5M Weekend

7) Alexander…2M Friday, 7M Weekend

8) The Best Of Me- 1.5M Friday, 4.5M Weekend

9) The Judge- 1.3M Friday, 4M Weekend

10) Dracula Untold- 1.2M Friday, 4M Weekend


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