What I’m Still Watching (And Five New Shows You Should)

The fall TV season is under full swing. One show has already been cancelled (Manhattan Love Story), and another lost some episodes and is essentially cancelled (Mulaney).

Going into this season, I was already a regular watcher of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Revenge, Brooklyn Nine-Nine,The Walking Dead, Modern Family, Family Guy, and South Park, which I was all up to date on. I’ve been struggling to catch up with The Blacklist and Arrow, now that they have season streaming on Netflix.

Notice how none of those shows are first season shows except Brooklyn Nine-Nine (and me still trying to catch up on The Blacklist?)

That’s because I fell in love with a few cancelled gems. Enlisted. Star-Crossed. Trophy Wife. I still miss those shows. This fall season is a little different.

First off, I’ve jumped back into Agents Of SHIELD, which if you gave up on last season after a few episodes, has evolved into a completely different show. It’s more interesting, and definitely more fast paced. Don’t believe me? Check out the first few episodes on Hulu, and you’ll see the difference.

So what new shows am I still watching?

Madam Secretary. I rarely watch CBS shows. I’ve even given up on Stalker and Scorpion. I usually either find them too procedural, or too slow. Somehow, Madam Secretary feels different. It still needs to work a few things out, but it’s a pretty solid show.

Gotham didn’t blow me away, and I’ve struggled to watch more episodes. It might follow the Agents Of SHIELD route and get more interesting. I haven’t quit the show yet, but I’m getting close.

Selfie‘s pilot wasn’t great, but this is a show that is quickly finding its feet. It’s funny. The lead characters are charming. It’s well written, and I can say it’s unlike any other show on network TV. Please give it a chance. If you liked Don’t Trust The B, this show is for you.

Forever is a fun show, and I like it the same way I liked Castle in the beginning. I think Forever needs a better timeslot. If it could follow Castle, I think people might see what I see.

Marry Me. Honestly? I only watched the pilot, so I’m behind an episode, but I do plan on continuing to watch.

The Flash is an excellent spinoff that should have a permanent place on my DVR.

Red Band Society and The Mysteries Of Laura have lost their spots on my DVR. Red Band isn’t awful, it’s just not great, and it’s not going to get renewed. I don’t want to waste my time. Laura is terrible.

Black-ish. I watch it when I can. Always on Hulu. Never live.

Bad Judge and A To Z. Bad Judge isn’t awful, and I do like Kate Walsh, even if she deserves better than this. For now, it’s in my lineup. A To Z has been dumped by me.

How To Get Away With Murder isn’t quite at the top of my list, but it’s keeping me interested for now. It’s hard for me to hate Shonda Rhimes, honestly.

Cristela is a lot funnier than I thought it would be. I’m giving it a chance.

Constantine had a great pilot (which I probably should review), and I’ll be watching the second episode.

So… five shows you should be watching? Selfie, Madam Secretary, Forever, Constantine, and Cristela. I’m only recommending shows that have yet to receive a back-nine, so that doesn’t mean that How To Get Away With Murder or The Flash aren’t worth watching, they’re just safe for right now. These five shows need eyes, and you should check them out. Four of them are available on Hulu, so you can catch up on past episodes.

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