Top 10 Movies and Shows Coming and Going From Netflix

Each month, a block of films and TV shows leave Netflix Instant, and a block of films and shows come in. Here are 10 films and shows that are about to disappear from your queue (that you need to watch) and 10 that you need to add to your queue.

1) Finding Neverland- March 1st
If you missed the story of how JM Barrie’s Peter Pan came to be, you’ve missed a rather perfect, unoffensive little movie. It’s some of the best work that Johnny Depp has ever done, and it’s also his most straightforward.

2) Patch Adams- March 1st
The movie itself is a bit sappy. But Robin Williams’s performance is what you come for. Be honest. You’re still grieving, and you needed another Robin Williams film to watch.

3) The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Season 1- March 6th
Netflix’s new comedy, which was originally supposed to be an NBC sitcom, is now premiering on Netflix. Ellie Kemper was a breakout star of The Office, so it’ll be nice to see what she can do in her own show.

4) Archer: Season 5- March 7th
It’s time to get on the Archer bandwagon. Archer is that show that your friend who is really into pop culture keeps referencing, and you’re always like “I don’t get it.” Start getting it.

5) How To Train Your Dragon 2- March 11th
Snubbed. This was the best animated film last year, but some people have hangups about sequels.

6) 3rd Rock From The Sun: The Complete Series- March 15th
If you’ve finished Friends already, it’s time to start your new obsession.

7) Life Itself- March 19th
The Roger Ebert documentary that should have been nominated for an Oscar is hitting Netflix this month.

8) Mad Men: Season 7- March 22nd
The beginning of the end.

9) Turn: Season 1- March 25th
Another exceptional, and underwatched, AMC original series.

10) Frankie and Alice- March 27th
Halle Berry’s performance got rave reviews. Now you can find out why. And figure out why you’ve never heard of this film.

1) Cool Runnings- March 1st
Jamaican Bobsled Team + John Candy. Add in a dash of nostalgia and some good old Disney, and Cool Runnings made my list.

2) Dumb and Dumber- March 1st
A classic comedy. The sequel was crap, but the first one is hilarious.

3) Honey I Shrunk The Kids- March 1st
Also, more nostalgia. If you’ve been waiting to share this movie with your kids, now might be the time.

4) Pretty In Pink- March 1st
A classic 80’s teen movie. Molly Ringwald. Nostalgia for a different childhood.

5) Seven- March 1st
An absolute must see for any film lover. David Fincher’s classic thriller is one of the best movies ever made. Ever.

6) Girlfight- March 1st
If you’ve ever looked at Michelle Rodriguez and wondered “where did she come from?” The answer is this exceptional indie film that shows how well Michelle Rodriguez can really act. It’s a shame she’s never quite been given the same chance.

7) The Graduate- March 1st
Another classic. It’s another “you gotta see this” classic. Great film, great performances. If you’ve ever heard someone reference a Mrs. Robinson, you’ll understand what that means after finally watching this.

8) Muppet Movies- March 5th and 15th
Netflix is saying bye to a few Muppet films. The Muppet Movie disappears on March 5th, then 10 days later we lose Muppet Treasure Island.

9) Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion- March 22nd
Lisa Kudrow and Mira Sorvino star in what eventually became a cult classic. There was a really bad TV movie sequel, but we like to pretend it never existed.

10) A Bunch Of Cartoon Network Kids Shows- March 30th
Adventure Time, Ben 10, Cow and Chicken, Johnny Bravo, and other Cartoon Network favorites are disappearing at the end of the month. Start your binge watching now! This also applies to some Adult Swim shows. Robot Chicken and Children’s Hospital are leaving as well.

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