Box Office Predictions: ‘Avengers’ Lead The ‘Hot Pursuit’

There is no world in which the Avengers don’t rule their second weekend at the box office. Hot Pursuit won’t even come close to dethroning the Avengers, which will still likely drop at least 60% in week two. Hot Pursuit is targeting the Mother’s Day crowd (I for one have been asked by my mother to take her to that movie on Mothers Day, so the strategy is working). Also, Age Of Adaline might have a softer drop because of Mothers Day, as well as Woman in Gold and even Far From The Madding Crowd (which is expanding into 99 screens). Jack Black’s The D-Train is opening in about 1,000 screens, with very limited buzz. Neither Hot Pursuit or The D-Train are positive on Rotten Tomatoes, which could keep both from flying too high this weekend. Also opening in limited release is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s buzzy Maggie.

1) Avengers: Age Of Ultron- 80M Weekend, 323M Total
2) Hot Pursuit- 24M Weekend, 24M Total
3) Furious 7- 4M Weekend, 337M Total
4) Ex Machina- 3.5M Weekend, 16M Total
5) Age Of Adaline- 3.5M Weekend, 30M total
6) Paul Blart 2- 3M Weekend, 56M Total
7) Home- 2M Weekend, 161M Total
8) Woman In Gold- 1.5M Weekend, 27M Total
9) The D-Train- 1.5M Weekend, 1.5M Total
10) Unfriended- 1M Weekend, 31M Total
11) Far From The Madding Crowd- 1M weekend, 1.5M Total

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