Weekend Box Office: ‘Tomorrowland’ Wins, Sky Isn’t Falling

The sky is not falling. Tomorrowland opened to 41.7M over the 4 day weekend, a number that is pretty fantastic considering how four other films did this weekend, and that Tomorrowland is technically an original film and not based on previous source material or a sequel. It’s based on a section of a theme park, which really means it shouldn’t be considered an adaptation. A B cinemascore is going to hurt it more in the long run. Poltergeist also opened, and got a C+ cinemascore, which is pretty par for the course for that type of film.

1) Tomorrowland- 41.7M 4 Day Weekend, 41.7M Total
2) Pitch Perfect 2- 38.5M 4 Day Weekend, 126M Total
3) Mad Max: Fury Road- 32.1M 4 Day Weekend, 95.5M Total
4) Avengers: Age Of Ultron- 27.8M 4 Day Weekend, 410.9M Total
5) Poltergeist- 26.5M 4 Day Weekend, 26.5M Total
6) Hot Pursuit- 4.5M 4 Day Weekend, 30M Total
7) Far From The Madding Crowd- 2.9M 4 Day Weekend, 6.1M Total
8) Furious 7- 2.7M 4 Day Weekend, 347.7M Total
9) Paul Blart 2- 2.5M 4 Day Weekend, 66.4M Total
10) Home- 2.4M 4 Day Weekend, 168.7M Total

One thought on “Weekend Box Office: ‘Tomorrowland’ Wins, Sky Isn’t Falling

  1. It fell like the sky was falling in … but then I love Tomorrowland and I wanted a $100m opening weekend. Was never going to happen though. The budget is the killer – it was somewhat similar with Transcendence, they spent too much on that film for the size of potential audience.

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