For Your Consideration: Best Actor In A Drama

Another really tight category. It’s pretty certain that Jon Hamm is going to get a nomination for Mad Men’s final season. He’s got a bunch of newbies that are circling the category for the first time. Bob Odenkirk for Better Call Saul, Kyle Chandler for Bloodline, Clive Owen for The Knick, Terrence Howard for Empire, and Dominic West for The Affair are all strong contenders. On the outside circle are a few more newbies, Charlie Cox for Daredevil, Justin Theroux for The Leftovers, and Ben McKenzie for Gotham.

They’re going to have to beat favorites Kevin Spacey for House Of Cards, Jeff Daniels for The Newsroom, Michael Sheen for Masters Of Sex, James Spader for The Blacklist, and Hugh Bonneville for Downton Abbey.

Add on top of that there are several people who have never been nominated in the category, whose fanbases are close to rioting. There’s a huge push for Charlie Hunnam to be recognized for the final season of Sons Of Anarchy, as well as Matthew Rhys being long overdue for The Americans. Also, Freddie Highmore has been long deserving of a nomination for Bates Motel.

Longshots, but worth mentioning, Steve Buscemi for Boardwalk Empire, Andrew Lincoln for The Walking Dead, Titus Welliver for Bosch, John Benjamin Hickey for Manhattan, Liev Schreiber for Ray Donovan, Aden Young for Rectify, Jamie Dornan for The Fall, and Timothy Olyphant for Justified.

For my vote, I gotta lead with Charlie Hunnam. I understand that Jon Hamm is amazing in Mad Men and he’s never won, but Hunnam has been just as amazing and never been nominated. We need to right that wrong immediately. If not, then all Emmy voters can officially jump off a cliff. Now that we’re past that, we can add Jon Hamm in the second slot. He should probably win. Beyond that, I get a little murky. I fully believe that both Matthew Rhys and Freddie Highmore deserve to have “Emmy Nominee” next to their name for the performances they give in their shows. For the last spot, my heart lies with Andrew Lincoln for The Walking Dead (also, never nominated), but the other part of me knows that I’d be leaving off some really amazing talent.

Of the aforementioned performances, I do feel bad leaving Terrence Howard out of my Top 5 for Empire probably the most. That being said, I actually have not seen The Knick.

Who do I think will actually hear their names called? Hamm, Howard, Odenkirk, Owen, and either Kevin Spacey, Kyle Chandler, or Dominic West. I have zero faith that Emmy voters will do the right thing and nominate Charlie Hunnam.

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