For Your Consideration: Best Drama Series

It’s my last For Your Consideration before the nominations are announced next week. The ballots have already been sent in, but I think it’s still important to run down the shows Emmy voters are bound to ignore.

The biggest contenders in this category are the shows that seem to always get nominated. Game Of Thrones, House Of Cards, Mad Men, and Downton Abbey. It’s likely that Orange Is the New Black will impact the drama race, which could leave one spot open. Will it go to new sensation Empire? Or Better Call Saul?

Outside chances are that Emmy voters finally recognize something like The Americans, Sons Of Anarchy, or Bates Motel. It’s unlikely that they’ll nominate strong freshman dramas like Gotham, How To Get Away With Murder, Daredevil, Bloodline, The Affair, Madam Secretary, or The Knick.

Homeland and The Good Wife are likely to be left in the dark this year. As are returning shows that are perpetually ignored like The Walking Dead, Orphan Black, Outlander, Masters Of Sex, Justified, and Rectify. The Newsroom, Scandal, and Boardwalk Empire are out too.

For me, I’d nominate Game Of Thrones, Orange Is The New Black, Sons Of Anarchy, The Americans, Mad Men, and The Walking Dead. I think that’s a good representation of where our drama series are across all networks. There are some strong contenders, but I think the shows I picked are strong because of the story and multiple characters, and not just the work of one or two great performances. There’s some spectacular acting in Bates Motel, but I think the acting deserves to be recognized over perhaps the series.

I’m pretty sure that Emmy voters are going to play it safe and go with Game Of Thrones, Mad Men, Orange Is The New Black, Better Call Saul, and House Of Cards. If Empire can get enough votes, I think it might knock Downton Abbey out. I don’t think any other show really has a shot. The strongest dark horse is probably The Affair, but that would mean something else would get left out, and I just don’t see that happening.

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