Friday Box Office: ‘Minions’ An Instant Hit, Reynolds Clones A ‘Self/Less’ Flop

Minions has scored an A cinemascore, and a number one spot, defeating both Jurassic World and Inside Out. It also will become the 4th film this year to make over 100M in its opening weekend. It’s been a banner year for movies so far. Only 31 films have ever made over 100M in opening weekend. The last time 4 films crossed 100M, it was 2012, and the 4th film didn’t do it until November. We’re way ahead of schedule.

This weekends other new releases, Self/Less and The Gallows both struggled. Self/Less scored a surprising B+ cinemascore and The Gallows ended up with a weak C. So, Self/Less might have a few shaky legs to stand on, but The Gallows is going to fade fast. Typically, movies like The Gallows do most of their business on Friday, and with audiences not enjoying the film, people won’t be coming out to see it on Saturday or Sunday.

1) Minions- 46M Friday, 120M Weekend
2) Jurassic World- 5.3M Friday, 18M Weekend
3) Inside Out- 5.3M Friday, 18M Weekend
4) Terminator Genisys- 3.6M Friday, 13M Weekend
5) The Gallows- 4.5M Friday- 10.5M Weekend
6) Magic Mike XXL- 3.6M Friday, 10M Weekend
7) Ted 2- 1.7M Friday, 5.5M Weekend
8) Self/Less- 1.9M Friday, 5M Weekend
9) Max- 1.1M Friday, 3.5M Weekend
10) Spy- 0.8M Friday, 3M Weekend

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