Thursday Night Box Office: None Of The Three Entries Made Even A Million

Last night, all three new box office entries failed to make a splash in their Thursday night previews. On a day where Straight Outta Compton made 4.6M, adding to its ever impressive cume, audiences also said no to three poorly reviewed new offerings. Sinister 2 did the best of the three, opening with 850K, which pales from the 1.5M that Insidious: Chapter 3 pulled in earlier this summer. Hitman: Agent 47 made 600K, and American Ultra got only 425K. It’ll be hard to track these movies until Friday is completely over, as these three films are not movies that are likely to perform well during matinees. Also, Cinemascore will be a huge factor here, as these movies need word of mouth (since none of them are fresh on Rotten Tomatoes). Sinister 2 has a dismal 5%, Hitman has 9%, and American Ultra is the best with 38%.

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