Weekend Box Office: ‘Compton’ Wins, Newcomers Don’t Even Fight

Straight Outta Compton remained straight at the top, as all three new contenders were huge disappointments. Compton dropped 55% in week two, a bit harsher than predicted, but still managed to break past the 100M mark. It wasn’t the only film to do so this weekend, as Trainwreck also managed to cross the threshold on Friday. #2 ended up being Mission Impossible Rogue Nation, which saw a drop of just 31%. I think 200M is out of its reach, but with drops like that, it could just prove me wrong.

The three new releases all opened as disappointments to their respective studios. Sinister 2 was supposed to do 16-18M and ended up with only 10.6. Not great. Hitman: Agent 47 was more on point with projections, but you can’t be pleased with an 8M 4th place finish. American Ultra fared the worst. It was never expected to do much more than 6M, and it couldn’t even hit that. All three films saw mixed results with audiences, as Hitman got a B cinemascore, and both American Ultra and Sinister 2 got B-. It’s important to note that Sinister 2 actually fared better with cinemascore than the original, but Hitman tied the original.

Holdovers were all the rage, again this weekend. Audiences are continuing to catch up on summer hits as they continue to have small dips. Inside Out was only down 18% from last week, Jurassic World was down 23%, Ant-Man down 25%, Minions down 27%, Mission Impossible down 31%, The Gift down 33%, Ricki and Pixels both down 35%, Trainwreck down 36%, Vacation down 40%, and UNCLE only dropped 44%. The worst drop in the top 15 was actually Compton. It even fell a bit more than Fantastic Four, which continues to plummet down the charts.

In limited release, Grandma managed a healthy 30K PSA, Learning To Drive pulled in 16K PSA, and Digging For Fire got an 8K PSA. All three are decent debuts, with Grandma looking particularly strong should it expand into other cities in following weeks. Speaking of coming weeks, next weekend should be even more dismal than this one, with new releases No Escape, We Are Your Friends, and War Room tracking poorly. Zac Efron’s We Are Your Friends is tracking the best, perhaps with a 10M opening, maybe as high as 12M. No Escape is tracking poorly, looking at a 6-8M weekend, and War Room doesn’t have the screen count to do much more than 3-4M.

1) Straight Outta Compton- 26.7M Weekend, 111.4M Total
2) Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation- 11.7M Weekend, 157.7M Total
3) Sinister 2- 10.6M Weekend, 10.6M Total
4) Hitman: Agent 47- 8.2M Weekend, 8.2M Total
5) The Man From Uncle- 7.4M Weekend, 26.6M Total
6) American Ultra- 5.5M Weekend, 5.5M Total
7) The Gift- 4.3M Weekend, 31.0M Total
8) Ant-Man- 4M Weekend, 164M Total
9) Minions- 3.7M Weekend, 319.9M Total
10) Fantastic Four- 3.6M Weekend, 49.6M Total
11) Vacation- 3.1M Weekend, 52.2M Total
12) Ricki and the Flash- 2.9M Weekend, 20.2M Total
13) Trainwreck- 2.4M Weekend, 102.3M Total
14) Pixels- 2.1M Weekend, 68.5M Total
15) Inside Out- 1.6M Weekend, 342.4M Total
16) Shaun The Sheep- 1.5M Weekend, 14.5M Total
17) Southpaw- 1.2M Weekend, 48.1M Total
18) Jurassic World- 947K Weekend, 639.5M Total
??) The End Of The Tour- 524K Weekend, 1.6M Total
??) Mistress America- 237K Weekend, 379K Total
??) The Diary Of A Teenage Girl- 180K Weekend, 425K Total
??) Grandma- 121K Weekend, 121K Total
??) Learning To Drive- 67K Weekend, 67K Total
??) Digging For Fire- 25K Weekend, 25K Total

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