Minority Report- Pilot

Starring: Meagan Good, Stark Sands, Wilmer Valderamma, Nick Zano, Laura Regan

Minority Report is a loose adaptation of the movie starring Tom Cruise, which was also based on a book. This is more of a sequel series, and takes place after Pre-Crime has been shut down, and those who were able to see the future have been set free. That means Dash (Sands) just wanders around having constant flashes of imagery of murders. Like a sane person, he’s not content with just having images, and wants to try and stop the murders before they happen. Enter Meagan Good as Lara Vega, a good cop who could benefit from having a precog on her side.

It’s a good premise, and it could make for an interesting procedural. My problem is the pretty cast just doesn’t cut it for me. I loved Stark Sands when he was a Broadway performer, and he might grow on me as the season progresses (if I come back for more), but right now I can’t help but think there could have been a better option for a leading man. He’s very unassuming, which works in his favor. He comes across as genuine. But, he’s lacking the kind of snark and humor that this kind of buddy cop show really needs. If you look at what is currently working, with Castle, Bones, and the upcoming Rosewood… one of the two people has to be kinda snarky and funny. Neither lead actor does that here.

That’s probably why Wilmer Valderamma was brought in, but he just comes across as obnoxious. I’m sure, over the course of the season, he’ll be less obnoxious. Right now, he’s just the cocky partner/boss for Lara Vega.

The pilot tries to set up a mystery involved around those who were set free for their precog crimes, and how they’re still linked to eventually commit murders.

I’m not sure if this show can get better based on premise alone, with this cast. It needs new blood introduced in the next couple episodes. This cast is not enough to get this show across the finish line. Honestly, I’d drop Valderamma and give Good a better partner.

Meagan Good is actually decent in her role, to be fair. She’s not meant to be the humorous one, and she works well as the smart cop who is also a badass. She’s believable, and right now she’s carrying the show. She needs a supporting cast. Look at Gotham, and how great that supporting/recurring cast is. Right now, this show is floating just on Meagan Good. Deception couldn’t survive based on her alone, and I doubt this will either.

A disappointing debut for an otherwise promising show.


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