No Guts No Glory: Fall TV Predictions

Before Fall TV officially starts tonight, I wanted to see how many of these predictions I can get right. I’ve listed the shows in order of their scheduled premiere.

Dancing With The Stars (ABC)- Will Be Renewed
Best Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris (NBC)- Will Be Used More As A Spot Filler/Special Occasion. Cancelled, Yet Kinda Renewed
The Mindy Project (HULU)- Will Be Renewed
Gotham (FOX)- Will be back for a third season, perhaps without Donal Logue.
The Voice (NBC)- Will be Renewed. Expect another judges panel shakeup.
The Big Bang Theory (CBS)- Will be Renewed
Life In Pieces (CBS)- Potentially a full season, will not be renewed.
Minority Report (FOX)- Will be cancelled.
Scorpion (CBS)- Will be renewed.
Blindspot (NBC)- Will get a second season.
Castle (ABC)- Will perhaps return for a final season.
NCIS LA (CBS)- Will be renewed.
NCIS (CBS)- Will be renewed.
Scream Queens (FOX)- Will be renewed.
The Muppets (ABC)- Will be renewed. Possibly for more episodes later in the spring. It has a very short order.
Fresh Off The Boat (ABC)- Will be renewed.
NCIS: New Orleans (CBS)- Will be renewed.
Limitless (CBS)- Will be renewed for a second season.
The Mysteries Of Laura (NBC)- Will be cancelled.
Rosewood (FOX)- This is a tight one. It is paired with Empire. I’m guessing a full season, and a narrow bubble renewal.
Survivor (CBS)- Duh, Renewed.
The Middle (ABC)- This is tough. If this isn’t the final season, next season will be.
The Goldbergs (ABC)- Will be renewed.
Modern Family (ABC)- Will be renewed.
Black-ish (ABC)- Will be renewed.
Nashville (ABC)- This is probably the final season.
Empire (FOX)- Will be renewed.
Law and Order SVU (NBC)- Will be renewed.
Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)- Will be renewed.
Scandal (ABC)- Will be renewed.
How To Get Away With Murder (ABC)- Will be renewed.
Heroes Reborn (NBC)- Will be renewed, despite being a “limited series”.
The Player (NBC)- I’m guessing cancelled, no back nine order.
The Amazing Race (CBS)- Will be renewed.
Last Man Standing (ABC)- I think this is the final season.
Hawaii Five O (CBS)- I’m betting this is the final season.
Shark Tank (ABC)- Will be renewed.
Blue Bloods (CBS)- Will be renewed.
Bob’s Burgers (FOX)- Will be renewed.
Family Guy (FOX)- Will be renewed.
The Simpsons (FOX)- Will be renewed.
Brooklyn Nine Nine (FOX)- Will be renewed.
Once Upon A Time (ABC)- Will be renewed.
Blood and Oil (ABC)- Many think it’ll be the first cancellation. I don’t, but I also don’t think this will get a back nine. Cancelled.
Last Man On Earth (FOX)- Will be renewed.
Quantico (ABC)- Will earn a second season.
Grandfathered (FOX)- Will earn a second season.
The Grinder (FOX)- Will earn a second season.
Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD (ABC)- Will be renewed.
Criminal Minds (CBS)- Will be renewed.
Chicago PD (NBC)- Will be renewed.
Code Black (CBS)- Will be cancelled. I think it might get a back nine.
Bones (FOX)- Possibly renewed for a final season.
The Blacklist (NBC)- Will be renewed.
Sleepy Hollow (FOX)- I don’t think the reboot will work. Final season.
Dr Ken (ABC)- My pick for first cancellation of the season. Already got a lot of bad press.
Madam Secretary (CBS)- Will be renewed.
The Good Wife (CBS)- Will be renewed.
CSI Cyber (CBS)- Will be renewed.
The Flash (CW)- Will be renewed.
I Zombie (CW)- Will be renewed.
Arrow (CW)- Will be renewed.
Supernatural (CW)- Will be renewed.
The Vampire Diaries (CW)- Will be renewed.
The Originals (CW)- Will be renewed.
Reign (CW)- Might finally get the axe this season.
Undateable (NBC)- A move to Friday will kill the sitcom.
Crazy Ex Girlfriend (CW)- Will get a full season, but not likely to be renewed.
Jane The Virgin (CW)- Will be renewed.
Chicago Fire (NBC)- Will be renewed.
Truth Be Told (NBC)- if this survives 5 episodes, I’d be surprised.
Supergirl (CBS)- Will be renewed for a second season almost immediately.
Wicked City (ABC)- Will be cancelled.
Grimm (NBC)- Will barely survive being a bubble show.
Angel From Hell (CBS)- Will be cancelled. CBS will try and save Life In Pieces, and sacrifice this without a back nine.
Elementary (CBS)- Might narrowly survive being a bubble show, but will lose its timeslot and be shoved to Friday.
Masterchef Jr (FOX)- Will be renewed.
Chicago Med (NBC)- Will be renewed. NBC is betting on this franchise as the new Law and Order.
2 Broke Girls (CBS)- A solid performer. Should survive.
Mike and Molly (CBS)- I can’t see them axing a show starring Melissa McCarthy.
The 100 (CW)- Will be renewed.
American Crime (ABC)- Will be renewed.
The Bachelor (ABC)- Will be renewed.
Beauty and the Beast (CW)- Should be cancelled. Probably.
The Biggest Loser (NBC)- Will be renewed.
Bordertown (FOX)- Will be cancelled.
The Catch (ABC)- Will be renewed.
Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (CBS)- Will be renewed.
Legends Of Tomorrow (CW)- Will be renewed.
Emerald City (NBC)- Might surprise and get a second season.
Frankenstein Code (FOX)- Will be cancelled.
Galavant (ABC)- Will be cancelled, as a bubble show.
Lucifer (FOX)- Hopefully renewed.
Agent Carter (ABC)- Will be renewed.
The New Girl (FOX)- Will be renewed.
Night Shift (NBC)- Will be cancelled. Chicago Med will kill its chances.
The Odd Couple (CBS)- Will be renewed. Shockingly.
Secrets and Lies (ABC)- Will be renewed.
Person Of Interest (CBS)- Will be cancelled. Final season.
Rush Hour (CBS)- Will be cancelled.
Shades Of Blue (NBC)- Will be renewed.
Uncle Buck (ABC)- Will be renewed.
The X-Files (FOX)- Will be renewed. Because, duh.

There are a few other midseason shows I really don’t know enough about to predict.

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