Box Office Predictions: ‘Martian’ Will Top ‘Pan’

Matt Damon’s The Martian is hoping to see a slight decline in the face of really only one new true competitor, the poorly reviewed, delayed Pan. The Hugh Jackman led flick is likely to still drum up business, as kid picks often don’t need critical acclaim to succeed, especially franchise based films like Pan, but reviews will keep it from being a runaway hit. As will Hotel Transylvania 2, which is looking to have a really strong third weekend. The Walk expands into 2500 screens, but after its poor showing last week, I doubt it’ll be a threat to anyone. Also, 99 Homes goes into 500 runs, but will likely miss out on the top 10.

1) The Martian- 30M Weekend, 100M Total
2) Hotel Transylvania 2- 21M Weekend, 116M Total
3) Pan- 16M Weekend, 16M Total
4) The Walk- 9M Weekend, 12M Total
5) Sicario- 8M Weekend, 27M Total
6) The Intern- 7M Weekend, 47M Total
7) The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials- 5M Weekend, 70M Total
8) Black Mass- 3.5M Weekend, 57M Total
9) Everest- 3M Weekend, 38M Total
10) The Visit- 3M Weekend, 62M Total

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