Master Of None (Episodes 1-3)

Starring: Aziz Ansari

This show is already in the IMDB Top 250 TV shows. Really? I mean, it was good… but “all time” good? I don’t know. Master Of None feels like hanging out with your friends, and is a very slice-of-life show in the vein of Louie. Basically, it’s Aziz’s version of Louie. He didn’t really reinvent the wheel. He saw the wheel, put some new tread on it, and sold it to Netflix.

Aziz manages to get a solid rotating cast, but he also uses his actual parents. Like, mad props for making this attempt, but your parents can’t act. It’s distracting. If they could just act even a little bit… but they can’t. I want to give him a pass… because they’re his actual parents. So, he gets a small pass, and I won’t dwell on it too much more.

Aziz plays a loose version of himself. He’s a struggling actor trying to segue into movies after doing a few commercials. What the show does a really good job of is navigating race. There aren’t enough shows with a truly diverse cast.

The first episode was probably the best as Aziz navigated watching two children, one of which likes to rub his penis on waffles. The second episode was about parents, and was a bit rougher due to my aforementioned problem with his parents. The third episode was about awkward dates. Episode 3 slightly better than 2, but 1 was probably the best. The show definitely starts getting its long term legs in Episode 3 though. That’s when I felt comfortable reviewing the series, as it seems to know what it wants to be after only three episodes. That’s quite an achievement.

It’s not Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, but it’s a pretty great comedy nonetheless. If you like Louie, you’ll like Master Of None.


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