Ranking Pixar’s 16 Films

Since this showed up in my newsfeed from Entertainment Weekly, I felt like responding with my own list. For those too lazy to click, their list is:

16) Cars 2
15) A Bugs Life
14) The Good Dinosaur
13) Monsters Inc
12) Brave
11) Monsters University
10) Ratatouille
9) Toy Story 2
8) Cars
7) Up
6) Inside Out
5) Finding Nemo
4) Wall-E
3) Toy Story 3
2) The Incredibles
1) Toy Story

My list, is:

16) Cars 2 (so we agree)
15) A Bugs Life (agreeing again)
14) The Good Dinosaur (more agreement)
13) Cars (they rank it too high)
12) Monsters University (the original was better than the sequel)
11) Brave
10) Monsters Inc
9) The Incredibles (it was great, but 2nd seems a bit high)
8) Toy Story 3 (I also enjoyed 2 more than 3)
7) Finding Nemo
6) Ratatouille (I like it a bit more than they do, apparently)
5) Inside Out (one of their most original, for sure)
4) Toy Story (I think the sequel improved on the original)
3) Up (made me cry a few times)
2) Toy Story 2
1) Wall-E (one of my favorite films of all time)

In fact, when you look at my Top 250 films list, I have several Pixar films ranked there.
#2) Wall-E
#4) Toy Story 2
#8) Up
#11) Toy Story
#20) Ratatouille
#34) Finding Nemo
#52) Toy Story 3
#66) The Incredibles
#141) Monsters Inc

I haven’t yet added any 2015 films, but Inside Out should make my list too. That would put 10 of Pixar’s 16 films in my Top 250 films of all time. Not a bad track record.

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