Box Office Predictions: ‘The Revenant’ Can’t Pass ‘Star Wars’ Either

Star Wars will continue to rule the box office, as the only new entries are The Revenant, The Forest, and The Masked Saint (which won’t even crack the Top 10). I struggle with how The Revenant isn’t likely to do well with mass audiences, versus DiCaprio’s appeal and the films reviews. My gut instinct says that 20M is high for the film, but it is DiCaprio, and perhaps that’s enough? The film is ultra-violent, and long for audiences. But, it has had a really big marketing push, and the pundits keep saying how DiCaprio will finally win his Oscar. I think people will show up, even if they’re not ready for what they’re about to see.

The holdovers will continue to see really soft drops, as people are playing catch up, and the sole newbie, The Forest, won’t make much impact. It hasn’t had a huge marketing push, and lacks completely in star power. Natalie Dormer hasn’t proven herself at all outside of the Game Of Thrones series, and neither has her co-star Taylor Kinney. It should do OK, since there really isn’t a “horror” film in the marketplace, but I think people are waiting for a different horror film to really scare them. Possibly The Boy, which opens later this month. There are a TON of horror films opening this spring, and at some point, they’re going to cancel each other out.

1) Star Wars: The Force Awakens- 50M Weekend, 825M Total
2) The Revenant- 20M Weekend, 21M Total
3) Daddy’s Home- 17M Weekend, 119M Total
4) The Hateful Eight- 10M Weekend, 44M Total
5) Sisters- 9M Weekend, 76M Total
6) Alvin and the Chipmunks: Road Chip- 8.5M Weekend, 79M Total
7) The Forest- 7M Weekend, 7M Total
8) Joy- 6M Weekend, 47M Total
9) The Big Short- 6M Weekend, 42M Total
10) Concussion- 5M Weekend, 32M Total

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