Box Office Predictions: ‘Allegiant’ To Post Lowest ‘Divergent’ Opening

Weak reviews and an already downward trend in the series should mark a lower opening weekend for Allegiant. It’s not Hunger Games. People don’t care as much. Plus, Zootopia is still a thing, and there are other films still doing well in the marketplace. Allegiant will be crushed next week by Batman Vs Superman.

1) Zootopia- 33M Weekend, 196M Total
2) Allegiant- 30M Weekend, 30M total
3) Miracles From Heaven- 15M Weekend, 18M Total
4) 10 Cloverfield Land- 12M Weekend, 44M Total
5) Deadpool- 7M Weekend, 339M Total
6) London Has Fallen- 6M Weekend, 49M Total
7) Whiskey Tango Foxtrot- 2.5M Weekend, 18M Total
8) The Perfect Match- 2.5M Weekend, 8M Total
9) The Young Messiah- 2M Weekend, 6M Total
10) The Bronze- 2M Weekend, 2M Total

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