Box Office Predictions: ‘Batman’ Will Drop Hard, ‘God’s Not’ Impressed

Batman Vs Superman will have two factors to fight. The first is that the film is no longer on a Holiday weekend, so inflated grosses are automatically deflated. The second is the reviews, which are bound to catch up to the movie at some point. It’s not just the critics either, as the film has a B cinemascore. Batman could drop anywhere from 60-70% this weekend, due to both factors. The lack of new competition will help. Had a new big movie opened this weekend, it probably would have been hit harder.

Luckily, the new wide releases are God’s Not Dead 2 and Meet The Blacks, both going after niche audiences, and neither looking to really put up a fight. Yes, the first God’s Not Dead was a rare breakthrough Christian success, but that doesn’t always translate in sequel form. Plus, with the oversaturation of Christian films the past few weeks (Risen, Young Messiah, Miracles From Heaven), GND2 doesn’t have a captive audience. Don’t look for this to be as big as the first.

And Meet The Blacks is only getting a 1000 screen release, so even if it does well, there’s only just so much it can really make. It likely will not come as a surprise to you that neither of these films screened for critics. Midnight Special is also expanding this week, and could possibly crack the top 10, but I’m betting that London Has Fallen keeps it spot as I see nothing to indicate Midnight Special is going super wide. There’s more potential that with another expansion, either Eye In The Sky or Hello My Name Is Doris sneaks in at the 10th spot.

1) Batman Vs Superman- 70M Weekend, 291M Total
2) Zootopia- 16M Weekend, 272M Total
3) My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2- 11M Weekend, 35M Total
4) God’s Not Dead 2- 9M Weekend, 9M Total
5) Miracles From Heaven- 6M Weekend, 44M Total
6) Allegiant- 5M Weekend, 55M Total
7) 10 Cloverfield Lane- 3M Weekend, 62M Total
8) Deadpool- 3M Weekend, 354M Total
9) Meet The Blacks- 3M Weekend, 3M Total
10) London Has Fallen- 2M Weekend, 59M Total

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