Box Office Predictions: ‘Superman’ No Longer ‘The Boss’

It is very possible that Batman V Superman actually falls to second place in its third frame. The massive decline it had in week two has set it up for failure in week three. Another hefty decline of around 60% would put the film below the industry projections of 24M for The Boss. Don’t mess with Melissa McCarthy.

The other new release, Hardcore Henry, is tracking around 10M. Not bad for an indie action film with no stars, riding entirely on high concept and solid reviews. Hardcore Henry currently has a 77% on Rotten Tomatoes, while The Boss has not been screened for critics (not a good sign).

Opening in 550 screens, Jake Gyllenhaal’s Demolition is hoping to crack the Top 10 this week. It would need a really solid PSA to do that, as it is fighting expansions of Eye In The Sky, Hello My Name Is Doris, and Midnight Special.

1) The Boss- 24M Weekend, 24M Total
2) Batman V Superman- 21M Weekend, 293M Total
3) Zootopia- 13M Weekend, 292M Total
4) Hardcore Henry- 10M Weekend, 10M total
5) My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2- 8M Weekend, 48M Total
6) Miracles From Heaven- 5M Weekend, 53M Total
7) Gods Not Dead 2- 4.5M Weekend, 13M Total
8) Allegiant- 3.5M Weekend, 61M Total
9) Eye In The Sky- 3.5M Weekend, 10M Total
10) 10 Cloverfield Lane- 3M Weekend, 67M Total

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