Who Should Negan Kill?

Obvious Walking Dead spoilers. I waited a few days for this, just to give everyone some time to watch the finale. I feel like, by now, you have either seen the finale for The Walking Dead, or you had it spoiled for you because the internet just can’t stop talking about it. So, below, I’ve ranked the 10 possibilities, and why the writers should or shouldn’t choose them.

11) Aaron- It’s a cop out, first of all. I like that he’s finally included in the big group things, and he’s starting to be a witness, but if you kill Aaron, I will actually stop watching the show. He’s clearly the least developed character of the 10 there, the most expendable (technically), the newest, and the choice seemingly that wouldn’t piss off fans. But guess what? I’m a fan, and it would piss me off. Negan’s choice is supposed to be a beloved character. Aaron has not had nearly enough character development to be beloved yet. Plus, you can’t just keep killing off your LGBT characters.

WHY AARON CAN’T DIE: Lack of general impact on the story arc. It’s time for Aaron to become a major player in the story, and that needs to happen with him alive in Season 7.

10) Rosita– From a storytelling standpoint, I don’t think Rosita works. Sure, it would be shocking to see Negan bash in a girls head, but Rosita? Of the girls there, she’s by far the least developed. Just this season, she finally started getting a character arc. We are just finally getting to know Rosita, other than arm candy to Negan. Rosita’s death would also be a cop out, and wholly unnecessary.

WHY ROSITA CAN’T DIE: We are just getting to know Rosita as a person, and not this arm candy that follows Abraham along. Plus, if Abraham was to die, it would be nice to see her reaction/spiral coming out of that to further build on her season six development.

9) Carl– Negan, in the comics, has this weird frenemy thing with Carl, that should still be explored. We haven’t gotten the scene yet where Negan makes Carl cry, and longtime comic fans are owed a bit more Negan/Carl before either bites the dust.

WHY CARL CAN’T DIE: Basically, we haven’t explored the Carl/Negan parts of the comics, and how Negan kinda feels sorry for this kid who lost half of his head, but is still kind of an ass about it.

8) Rick– While it would be bold to kill off Rick, it just doesn’t work story wise right now. Part of this death is the tearing down of Rick Grimes. He goes from being confident to being devastated. Killing him would take that arc away from us.

WHY RICK CAN’T DIE: Season 7 is going to put him on very different footing, and Walking Dead fans deserve to see a very different Rick, and the rebound from that, especially considering how quickly he rebounded from Jessie.

7) Maggie– While they could “flip the script” and kill Maggie instead of Glenn, it seems unlikely. Two lives for one? I don’t think so.

WHY MAGGIE CAN’T DIE: What about the baby? Also, her character has been hinting at growth this past season, and Glenn’s death would rock her world in a very big way. All New Maggie in Season 7, especially if she has a baby to protect.

6) Michonne– Michonne has an entire arc with Ezekiel that needs to be explored. Granted, they could give that to Carol, but lets hold out hope and say that Michonne/Ezekiel is big enough that she should stay alive.

WHY MICHONNE CAN’T DIE: She actually could… except that she’s not dead in the comics, and has an arc with Ezekiel. However, her arc could be given to Carol, and Michonne’s death could devastate Rick too. It’s not a good thing to be on Rick’s arm.

5) Sasha– The most likely female to get the axe. Still, unlikely that it would be a woman, but which woman would “take it like a champ”? Probably either Sasha or Michonne. Sasha’s not 100% a comic book character, but she’s survived the death of the character closest to her, so she is on borrowed time. Sasha would be a shocking death, and a big enough death to potentially drive season seven. There are bigger deaths though.

WHY SASHA CAN’T DIE: Again, she could. It would give Abraham someone to rally for, and we’ve never seen Abraham Vs Negan, which is something I’d love to see. Since she’s dead in the comics, there are no remaining storylines for her to fulfill.

4) Eugene– It would make sense. Eugene just gave the recipe for the bullets. He had a big heroic moment. And everyone called him a survivor. In fact, the finale felt like a huge goodbye to Eugene. That’s why it can’t be Eugene. In fact, I have a hard time that the group would be rocked by his death, as opposed to other peoples deaths in the group. This is the safest bet, and the one that would probably satisfy most fans.

WHY EUGENE CAN’T DIE: He can. He probably will. He’s the safest bet to piss off the least amount of fans, and get some bang for your buck. He also felt like he was saying Goodbye that entire episode.

3) Abraham– It almost has to be Glenn or Daryl in order for Rick’s arc to work. Abraham’s death would be powerful for everyone, and he’s also likely to “take it like a champ”. Negan also made fun of his facial hair, and Abraham has just barely survived his death in the comics. That’s why I would let Abraham come back for Season 7, because he “just barely” made it past his death. We’re not getting to explore an alternate universe where he’s alive facing off against Negan if he dies, and I’d add a big Bitch Tits to that.

WHY ABRAHAM CAN’T DIE: Because Robert Kirkman said that the one character he regretted killing off was Abraham, because it was too early and he didn’t get to explore his character enough. Abraham just survived his death a mere two episodes earlier. Abraham has to be around longer than two more episodes. He deserves a season 7 to explore this softer side of Abraham, as well as giving fans the opportunity to see Abraham take on Negan.

2) Daryl- Daryl didn’t really have a resolved arc this season. Daryl’s character, after six seasons, is deserving of some kind of actual story arc. Plus, we all want to see him face off against Dwight. Dwight can’t win, right?

WHY DARYL CAN’T DIE: Other than him being a fan favorite? He honestly has terrible story arcs, and to kill a season 1 character with this little character development should be illegal. I also feel like that robbing fans of a Dwight/Daryl showdown is a huge cock block.

1) Glenn– As much as it hurts me to say this, Glenn is the best death choice. His death would absolutely rock everyone to the core. It would change Maggie, who likely will give birth to his baby immediately after, and Rick forever. It would directly affect Daryl, who put Glenn in danger by going out for revenge. Every single character has connected with Glenn, and every single character would be affected by his death. Plus, Glenn has gotten the ability to have some really amazing story arcs, that Daryl needs to start getting. It has to be Glenn. Sorry, fans. This time, the death has to stick to the comics.

WHY GLENN HAS TO DIE: Biggest impact on the cast as a whole. It would still be a huge shock. It would fuel Maggie into a completely different direction, it would destroy Rick, heck, even Enid would feel that impact. And if they keep him around, even Heath owes a lot to Glenn. Glenn has impacted everyone, and unlike Daryl, has had a lot of great arcs. Sorry sportsfans, but if you want a truly great season 7, it’s time to say goodbye to Glenn.

My final pleas for season 7:

1) Actually do something with Aaron. He’s the most prominent character remaining from Alexandria, and it’s time he felt more like the core group. Give him a real arc, and make sure he’s in most of the episodes.

2) Keep exploring Abraham’s fatherly side, as well as the idea that Rosita is more than just a hot chick with a gun.

3) Let both Rick and Maggie spiral out of control. Someone else can step up as the voice of reason. Aaron perhaps? Father Gabriel? Carl?

4) If you keep Glenn around, and kill off Eugene, you basically have to kill the baby. Otherwise, Maggie will have no real opportunity for growth. If she loses Glenn as the catalyst, she has to lose the baby. Sorry.

5) If they’re alive in Season 7, it’s time to promote Rosita, Eugene, and Tara to the opening credits. Morgan got there awfully quick, and these three have been in way more episodes.

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