Box Office Predictions: A Great Big ‘Civil War’ Is Upon Us

In case you were thinking to yourself, gee… the box office seems a bit slow right now… Captain America: Civil War is about to change that. Tracking is absolutely off the charts for the threequel, with many industry projections putting it at close to 200M. Fandango says it’s the highest tracking superhero film ever for the service, and it accounts for 90% of the advance ticket sales of the weekend. That’s incredible. Then again, there’s virtually no competition other than The Jungle Book, so I don’t know what else people are buying advance tickets to. Ratchet and Clank?

As the only new wide release, Captain America: Civil War will easily take 1st place, where it is going to be next week as well. In it’s third weekend, it finally faces some decent competition, so it will be an actual fight for first.

1) Captain America: Civil War- 190M Weekend, 190M Total
2) The Jungle Book- 27M Weekend, 291M Total
3) The Huntsman- 5M Weekend, 42M Total
4) Keanu- 5M Weekend, 17M Total
5) Mother’s Day- 4.5M Weekend, 16M Total
6) Barbershop 3- 4M Weekend, 50M Total
7) Zootopia- 3.5M Weekend, 328M Total
8) Ratchet and Clank- 2.5M Weekend, 8M Total
9) The Boss- 2.5M Weekend, 60M Total
10) Batman V Superman- 2M Weekend, 328M Total

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