Box Office Predictions: ‘Jungle’ To Win Third Time

So, Zootopia is definitely going to pass Batman V Superman. So much for the new DC Universe when a Disney toon can sneak up from behind and pass it. Speaking of Disney, they’re also having a banner session with The Jungle Book, which is taking advantage of the lull before Captain America: Civil War (another Disney title) opens.

Of the new releases, Mother’s Day has a strong cast, but that won’t be enough to save it. It’ll be just enough to make it the top new release, but a poor showing on Rotten Tomatoes (7%!) suggests this is not the crowdpleaser that Mom wants to see. Keanu, however, has a strong showing on Rotten Tomatoes (76%) and will pull in a lot from word of mouth, and the fact that this is the first outing for Key and Peele as a starring duo. Ratchet and Clank is also going wide, but don’t expect much.

The Huntsman is looking at a steep fall of 65-70% in week two, which should put it below all three newcomers.

Next week, Captain America: Civil War is tracking close to 200M. Will it break 200M opening weekend? With virtually no competition except The Jungle Book, it’s entirely possible. The Captain should have two weekends at #1 before Angry Birds and Neighbors 2 make their plays for some box office dough (and even then, it’s entirely possible it could get a third weekend at #1).

1) The Jungle Book- 37M Weekend, 245M Total
2) Mother’s Day- 12M Weekend, 12M Total
3) Keanu- 10M Weekend, 10M Total
4) Ratchet and Clank- 8M Weekend, 8M Total
5) The Huntsman- 7M Weekend, 31M Total
6) Barbershop 3- 6M Weekend, 44M Total
7) Zootopia- 4.5M Weekend, 323M Total
8) The Boss- 3.5M Weekend, 55M Total
9) Batman V Superman- 3M Weekend, 324M Total
10) Criminal- 2M Weekend, 14M Total

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