Weekend Box Office: ‘ID42’ What Happened?

Man, the Independence Day franchise is dunzo. Any sequels being made without Will Smith are dunzo. Not only did Independence Day not beat the second weekend of Finding Dory, but it ended up below even the low end of its weekend projections. 41 million. To give you some comparisons, The Fault In Our Stars opened to 48M two years ago. A teen drama starring the girl from the Divergent movies beat a sequel to one of the biggest films of the 90’s. Independence Day: Resurgence has landed at #43 on the top June openings of all time, right below Batman and Robin. Yes, the Batman film everyone makes fun of opened higher than ID42, and that was with much lower ticket prices. It barely opened higher than The Conjuring 2, which pulled in 40.4M earlier this month.

Not all news was bad. The Shallows overperformed this weekend, raking in 16M. Even the most hopeful projections had it topping out at 12M, so it proved it was even more powerful than originally thought. Free State Of Jones also disappointed, only hitting 7.7M. A lot of people will be talking about what went wrong with ID42 this weekend, but I think they should also look at the marketing campaign for The Shallows, and how brilliant counterprogramming paid off. Someone deserves a raise.

Audiences and critics didn’t quite agree this weekend. Free State Of Jones had the best cinemascore, pulling in an A-, but only a 40% on Rotten Tomatoes. The Shallows was in second with a B+ cinemascore, and a 74% Rotten Tomatoes score, while Independence Day: Resurgence was last in both audience and critics with a B cinemascore and a 33% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Very few films have gotten a coveted A from cinemascore this summer. Captain America: Civil War, Finding Dory, and Me Before You are the only three films to get the full A endorsement. A bunch have managed A-, including X-Men Apocalypse, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, Now You See Me 2, The Conjuring 2, Central Intelligence, and Alice Through The Looking Glass. Independence Day is on the lower end of cinemascores this summer, joining Popstar and Neighbors 2.

1) Finding Dory- 73.2M Weekend, 286.5M Total (-45%)
2) Independence Day: Resurgence- 41.6M Weekend, 41.6M Total
3) Central Intelligence- 18.3M Weekend, 69.3M Total (-48%)
4) The Shallows- 16.7M Weekend, 16.7M Total
5) Free State Of Jones- 7.7M Weekend, 7.7M Total
6) The Conjuring 2- 7.7M Weekend, 86.9M Total (-48%)
7) Now You See Me 2- 5.6M Weekend, 52M Total (-39%)
8) X-Men Apocalypse- 2.4M Weekend, 151.1M Total (-53%)
9) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2- 2.4M Weekend, 77.1M Total (-54%)
10) Alice Through The Looking Glass- 2.1M Weekend, 74.5M Total (-50%)
11) Warcraft- 2.1M Weekend, 43.8M Total (-70%)
12) Me Before You- 1.9M Weekend, 51.2M Total (-50%)
13) Captain America: Civil War- 1.4M Weekend, 403.9M Total (-39%)
14) The Jungle Book- 1.2M Weekend, 357.9M Total (-18%)
15) The Neon Demon- 0.6M Weekend, 0.6M Total

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