Box Office Predictions: Uhhh…. Go Watch Some TV?

So, its September. And traditionally, that means slow box office. However, a few huge hits in the past couple years have changed that perception, and later in the month, a few key pics will try and follow in their footsteps. That’s not what’s happening over Labor Day weekend. These two new releases are the equivalent of studios holding up a white flag and surrendering a weekend.

Michael Fassbender, Alicia Vikander, and Rachel Weisz star in The Light Between The Oceans, and while you know all three actors, none of them are bankable actors. The other film is Morgan, whose biggest star in the trailer seems to be Kate Mara, who is even less bankable than the other three. Neither new film will make 10M. The Light Between The Oceans is an “Oscar Bait” film that barely has a positive score right now on Rotten Tomatoes. Morgan has a rotten score. Nothing will be missed by staying home, or by catching up on something you missed.

This weekend would be an excellent time to binge watch on Netflix.

1) Don’t Breathe- 13M Weekend
2) Suicide Squad- 7.5M Weekend
3) Morgan- 7M Weekend
4) The Light Between The Oceans- 5M Weekend
5) Kubo- 5M Weekend
6) Pete’s Dragon- 4.5M Weekend
7) Sausage Party- 4M Weekend
8) Bad Moms- 4M Weekend
9) Mechanic Resurrection- 3.5M Weekend
10) War Dogs- 3.5M Weekend
11) Jason Bourne- 3.5M Weekend

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