Friday Box Office: A ‘Magnificent’ Weekend

The Magnificent Seven is having an excellent weekend at the box office. 35M is exciting stuff considering last weekend. It has an A- cinemascore, and should perform well. Storks also managed an A- cinemascore, but a lower than predicted opening weekend. I’ve read that A- for a kids movie isn’t always a 4-5X multiplier, except there isn’t a lot of competition for Storks coming up. For bigger kids, there’s Miss Peregrine and Middle School coming up, but for the under 10 set, Storks doesn’t have direct competition until Trolls in November. That means, it has the market all to itself. So a 21M opening could easily lead to an 80-90M finish. Case in point, Kubo is still in the Top 10 because of the lack of kids films, and The Wild Life is still in over 1400 screens despite making almost no money at the box office. Theatres like to keep kids films as options, and Storks will be the sole option for a month, since Kubo is dying.

For holdovers, audiences still love Sully, which dipped only 36% from last week. Bridget Jones is dropping only 44%, Snowden at 49%, and Blair Witch fell 59%. Long term holdovers are still proving their worth. Don’t Breathe is down only 34% and Suicide Squad is down 35%.

In limited release, Queen Of Katwe is shining bright with a PSA of around 16K.

1) The Magnificent Seven- 35.3M Weekend, 35.3M Total
2) Storks- 21.2M Weekend, 21.2M Total
3) Sully- 13.9M Weekend, 92.5M Total
4) Bridget Jones’s Baby- 4.8M Weekend, 16.7M Total
5) Snowden- 4M Weekend, 15M Total
6) Blair Witch- 3.9M Weekend, 16.1M Total
7) Don’t Breathe- 3.7M Weekend, 81M Total
8) Suicide Squad- 3.1M Weekend, 318.1M Total
9) When The Bough Breaks- 2.4M Weekend, 26.5M Total
10) Kubo- 1.2M Weekend, 46M Total
11) Hell Or High Water- 1M Weekend, 24.8M Total
12) Bad Moms- 1M Weekend, 111.6M Total
??) Queen Of Katwe- 281K Weekend, 281K Total
??) The Dressmaker- 180K Weekend, 180K Total

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