Notorious (Pilot)

Starring: Piper Perabo, Daniel Sunjata, Ryan Guzman, Kate Jennings Grant, J August Richards, Aimee Teagarden, Kevin Zegers, Marc Blucas, Dilshad Vadsaria

This is one of the pilots tagged by many as not being worth your time. The premiere had low ratings, so unless that changes, it may not be around much longer. That’s a shame, because I think it has potential.

Julia George (Perabo) is our lead in this Scandal knockoff. She works for a TV news show, in a parallel universe where the networks run news shows that people watch. Sunjata is a lawyer with some serious sexual tension with George. Together, they’re working two sides of a murder trial. It’s the kind of show that COULD be procedural, but seems to be choosing to be a season long arc. I hate procedurals. I love arcs.

I think its harder to do season long arcs and keep them interesting. I think the shows biggest problem is Perabo, who just isn’t fierce enough for this role. She’s not Olivia Pope. This show needed an Olivia Pope, since it is so clearly influenced by Scandal. It even has its timeslot. However, the concept of the show, and the supporting cast has me intrigued.

I love Daniel Sunjata, and I think he’s destined to headline a truly great show. If Perabo can get her shit together, maybe this could be it. I’d say ignore the naysayers and give this show a few episodes to find its footing. This is a show worthy of a 13 episode run to see where it lands. I can only hope ABC gives Notorious a chance to actually find itself before it makes a decision on its future.

Sometimes, the sky isn’t falling. Sometimes, critics get it wrong. However, since this shows biggest problem is its lead, I’m not sure if it is a fixable problem.


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